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ESG’s state-of-the-art command and control system TARANIS® connects all subsystems, sensors and effectors and facilitates their interaction and coordination, even in a dispersed or remote setup. The links can be established via LAN, LTE or other radio services. The C2 system enables crisis centers and mobile mission forces to assess, share and communicate this information securely and in real-time.

Data fusion

TARANIS® fuses and analyzes all incoming sensor data, visualizes the incoming drone, the threat location and movement track of both the drone pilot as well as own assets and security personnel in real-time. All relevant additional geo-information from the scenario (grid reference, etc.) can be integrated and fed into the C2 system.

Situational awareness

The solution displays all information on a map, creating a comprehensive situational picture, so the overall system can be monitored and controlled by a single operator. With this improved situational awareness, ESG’s TARANIS® enhances operators’ capacities to launch and coordinate appropriate countermeasures ranging from organizational action to technical jamming to deactivation.

Preservation of Evidence

GUARDION supports preservation of evidence by logging all sensor data and user interactions. These can be used, for example, to reliably identify the operated drone and remote control.

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